Paper or Plastic?

by Debbie Baer February 26, 2019

Our clothes help you lessen your environmental impact. Our packaging could do better.

It started when we changed box suppliers. Other boxes really just didn’t hold up as well, which meant we (and probably you) couldn’t reuse them. (We are shamelessly proud of sending you re-used packaging!)

So, to turn a roadblock into an opportunity we studied what the eco-pros use for packaging. Inspired, we set out to find a smarter option and a supplier we didn’t mind giving our hard earned money to.

The experiment:

For the next few months most orders will ship in re-usable, recycle-able, 100% post-consumer waste recycled plastic mailing bags. Bonus: they’re made in the USA.

But plastic is bad, right?

Yes, but the long-term ecological footprint of a material depends on so much. Cardboard boxes are heavier and take up more room, which ultimately leads to greater fuel consumption (due to weight) and more delivery vehicles on the road (due to size).

Also see above re: the limited re-usability of our old boxes. Additionally, there is the potential waste involved in orders due to damaged packaging, which is more likely in non-waterproof materials. And, don’t forget, our new plastic mailers are made from 100% post consumer waste.

The savings:

Corrugated boxes are expensive–not just to buy but to ship too (it’s that weight again). For us, recycled plastic mailers are almost 25% less expensive than the same amount of cardboard mailers.

Shipping rates go up every year–by making the switch to smaller, lighter packaging we’ll be able to save enough to keep our flat-rate shipping price where it is and maintain our return/exchange policy without artificially inflating the price of our clothes to cover these costs.

Return, Reuse or Recycle:

Need to return or exchange? You’ll notice there’s a second adhesive strip on our new bags, just securely close that and you’re all packed up! We’ll either reuse or recycle the bag when we receive it.

And if you’re not returning or otherwise reusing your bag here’s how to find out where to recycle it (hint: most of you will be able to drop them off at your local grocery store).

Help us out:

We’re going to try to walk the line between using as little packaging as possible while still delivering a pleasing product to you.

For example, to use less packaging we’re going to give our shirts an extra fold to fit them in a smaller bag. It looks okay on our end but how is it when you receive it? Tell us, what’s your experience when you receive your order in our new packaging?

Like everything The Willary does we look to you, our customers, to let us know how it’s working out and to guide future refinements in our plan.

Debbie Baer
Debbie Baer


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