What's Up With That?

What? No free shipping?

Rather than inflate our prices to cover shipping costs, we charge you the real-time cost to ship to your location at check out. That said, we want you to experience a our products risk-free, so qualified return and exchange shipping is on us! Speaking of returns, make sure you read our policy here.

I've watched the fit and measurement videos and still don't know what size/style I am. What should I do?

Give us a shout! Email us at info@thewillary.com and let's see if we can help.

Wait, no sales?

Our prices reflect the real cost of manufacturing, materials, product development and reinvestment into the company to keep growing. We don't bake in additional mark-ups and therefore cannot offer further discounts. Put another way, we don't sell a $5 garment for $75 then put it on sale a few weeks later for $25. Instead, we're transparent about the value and cost of our garments and price accordingly. 

However, we occasionally will sell development samples or imperfect garments at a reduced price. Unless noted otherwise, these products are all final sale.

I'm petite/tall/plus/other and don't see a size for me, what's up with that?

We hear you! Short version of an answer: we're working on it. 

Longer version: It took 2 years to develop the patterns for the pieces in our Core Collection. We're not content to just scale up or down depending on the new size category–instead we will develop new patterns and fits from scratch. Why? Because to create the most flattering style and the best fit for different size ranges we might need to re-think a silhouette or change a dart placement or two. We're just getting started and these developments will take time and resources. But really, we do hear you, and we are working on it.