Chelsea's Waistband

by 97617205 July 29, 2014

Chelsea does the physical work of a Maker. As prop and set fabricator she lifts, kneels, carries and builds. Her current work pants are serviceable but have quite a few problems. Most of the issues were apparent right away--the fabric is dense and bulky and since it's 100% cotton, it will retain sweat and moisture. The fabric's loose weave means the knees and rear will start to sag after a few wearings, the cut isn't terribly flattering, and funny enough, although these were women's work pants the hang tag had a picture of a man doing work!

After wearing them most days for the past few months an unexpected problem developed–as the waistband started stretching out, the stitching inside the waistband started pulling away from the fabric and digging into Chelsea's skin. This thicker, more durable thread seems to have a stiff, almost filament-like core which I'm sure ensures strong seams but here makes the problem even worse. 

This problem is a pain for Chelsea but a good lesson for us at The Willary. We're reminded that in addition to knowing how our materials will interact with each other, real-world testing of our garments is imperative to ensure you get the quality garments we promise to deliver.



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