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About The Willary

The Willary outfits and celebrates the do-it-all woman. We combine thoughtful design with smart, durable fabrics to create a wardrobe that empowers women to work, play, and live with style. 


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About The Co-Founders

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"D-fit works great for my body shape. It’s so hard to find clothing companies that offer multiple fit styles. Thank you! ...Congratulations on launching! Thank you for designing such thoughtful and functional clothes." 

"The construction is absolutely incredible — attention to detail that's utterly obsessive. Thanks very much!!"

"Willary pants are such amazing traveling pants. My phone in its perfect side pocket. My wallet actually fits in my back pocket (don't know when that has ever happened before). totally professional and comfortable. Sheesh. happy happy customer."

"This dress is killing it. Which makes me feel soooo good. Which means I’m wearing it all week. Thank you for making my life easier and more put together looking."