Workshop 2: The Slouchy Stripe Merino Tunic

by Debbie Baer September 29, 2018

If our knit tops were a comedy duo, our classic Cozy Merino Layering Top would be the straight man to our new Slouchy Stripes Merino Tunic.
• • •

Ms Cozy fits just so, like a second skin, while Ms Slouchy unapologetically takes up more space, pooling indulgently around your forearms and draping below your hips.

You could say Ms Slouchy is cut from a different cloth, and indeed the contrast stripes on her arms are made from reclaimed scraps of old sample garments. She’s clever like that.

Ms Slouchy is a real individual but she’s no snob–she pairs perfectly with our Plum & Night Sky Blue Core Pants and especially loves hanging out with our Midline Crop.

But don’t let her rebel ways fool you, she’s made of the same stuff as her by-the-rules sis: soft, luxe machine washable merino wool

Creating a piece as unique as our Slouchy Stripes Merino Tunic takes time and expert craftsmanship–the merino is slippery like silk to sew and the stripes take time to cut and piece correctly. We can only make 10 of these beauties so instead of wasting resources on sizes that don’t sell we’re trying something new: made to order garments. (Cool, right?)

Here’s how it works: place an order to reserve one of the 10 tunics. In the notes section of your order tell us what size you’d like. (Here’s our knits size chart) Your tunic will be sent to you within two weeks of placing your order. Free returns/refunds will be accepted within 16 days of shipping and exchanges will be honored if inventory allows.

You saw the part about only making 10 of these, right? Reserve yours here

Debbie Baer
Debbie Baer


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