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by Debbie Baer April 07, 2018

Hi! If you're new to The Willary, welcome! Here's how we started and here are some things we believe in.
Now onto the contest info!
**Thanks for your interest! The submission deadline has passed. Awesome photos coming soon!**
• • •

Our new 4-Pocket Un-Leggings are AWESOME, but they won’t sell themselves. I need terrific photos of happy gals looking great in these pants to share on social media and to use on our website. One of those gals could be you!

I’ll choose up to 8 women to receive a free pair from our first sample run of Un-Leggings in exchange for at least 10 photos of them showing off these pants! Teamwork is encouraged!


In addition to your free pair of Un-Leggings, upon completion of the challenge every model selected will also receive a shareable code for 10% off any one item.

And I’ll pick one model whose photos really wowed me to receive a code for 25% off any one item + free shipping + a shareable code for 15% off any one item for her friends! (And teams, each member of your squad will get the code.)

To enter:

Fill out this form and submit by 4/18/18. Selected models will be notified via email by 4/23/18. Pants will ship by 4/25/18. Photos are due 5/12/18.

Team up! Teams of up to three people can enter together, you’ll all get pants but you must supply at least 10 photos per person.


If you are selected you must upload 10 terrific photos to a specified Google Drive file by 5/12/18. (Link to the drive supplied upon acceptance.)

What are terrific photos?

Terrific photos are clear, well-lit and highlight YOU & our new Un-Leggings!

Are you a style maven? Show me all the ways you can style your new Un-Leggings! Ride a bike to work? Let’s see you in action! Are you a teacher? How about some photos at the head of the class! Do you go to the farmer’s market every week? How about some shots of you with the pretty produce!

Bonus tips: Need good lighting? Go outside! Don’t have a fancy camera? Use your phone! And don’t forget, have fun, it shows!

Additional photo requirements:

Unless it’s a detail shot (i.e. of a pocket or of stitching) pants may not be cropped. That is, the full pant must be included in the photo.
Photos must be in color.
Photos must not include any visible branding.
Photos must be uploaded by 5/12/18. See the Fine Print at the end for full terms.

Terrific Photo Examples:

Unacceptable Photos:

Need more inspiration? Check out our product pages.

The fine print:

By accepting the pants you are agreeing to complete the specified tasks by the specified timeline. If you do not submit usable photos as set forth by the above guidelines and you keep your pants past 5/12/18 you will be charged in full for the pants ($168.00).

Before pants are shipped you will need to fill out a credit card authorization. The Willary cannot access your credit card information from the authorization and this information is not permanently stored in any way. You will ONLY be charged if you do not submit 10 photos that meet the guidelines detailed above by the specified date.

If for any reason you are unable to submit photos you have until 5/12/18 to return the pants to The Willary to avoid charges. You are responsible for the return shipping costs.

By accepting the pants you agree to allow The Willary to use your submitted photos without restriction or charge on our Instagram, Facebook and e-commerce pages.

Debbie Baer
Debbie Baer


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