How to layer for winter warmth

by Debbie Baer November 06, 2018

Cold commute, hot office?
Winter weather outdoor fun ahead?
Fear of stinky pits?

Merino wool to the rescue! Here’s why (plus a discount code below):
• • •

Breathability = no more clammy pits or soaked base layers.
• Merino wool absorbs moisture then releases it into the atmosphere where it evaporates away from your body.
• Bonus: Merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture and still remain dry to touch.

Temperature control = 4-season comfort.
• The natural crimp in merino fibers traps body heat and creates a warm, dry layer around you. Synthetic fibers (like polyester) are smooth and can’t trap warmth as effectively.
• Bonus: Overheated? Evaporating moisture on the fabric surface cools you down.

Odor control = comfort, confidence & ease.
• Remember that great breathability? Moisture control equals odor control. Add to that merino’s natural antimicrobial properties and you’ve got a layer that stays stink-free even after multiple wears.
• Bonus: A top that stays fresh without laundering? Sounds like the perfect shirt to pack for winter travel

Could it get any better? It can! Our Cozy Merino Layering Tops are machine washable and have just a touch of rayon for extra softness.

Bonus: Bundle and save! Use the code COZYBUNDLE to save $14 when you order 2 Cozy Merino Layering Tops. Not valid on any of our other Merino Tops.

Extra Credit: Check out our Slouchy Stripe Merino Tunic: all the value-added features of merino + some stylish fun. Only 3 left!

Debbie Baer
Debbie Baer


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