Singing (the praises of) the Blues.

by Debbie Baer February 14, 2018

Read on to find out why our Night Sky Blue Core Pants belong in your wardrobe and why they're better than your jeans!
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Here are some common mis-conceptions about our Night Sky Blue Core Pants–and our responses! 

1. I already have jeans, so I don't need these.
Our Core Pants have your jeans beat! Here's why:

• Luxe yet durable Swiss-milled fabric means our Core Pants won't fade or wear out at friction points (like at your knees or where your thighs might rub together.)

• And they're stain + water resistant for the lifetime of the garment–imagine, no stains and no sitting around the office soaked after commuting in the rain.

• Think your jeans are stretchy? Our Core Pants have them beat with our super comfortable 4-way stretch woven fabric which so stretches in all directions, just like your favorite leggings.

• Pockets! Fully functioning & deep front and back pockets + our awesome, one of a kind hidden cell phone pocket.

2. The color makes these look too casual for work.
Like the rest of The Willary Wardrobe, the beauty of these Blues is you can easily dress them up or down. Pair them with black for an effortless yet super sophisticated look–no one will mistake them for denim. Other chic and professional pairing options: tan, oxblood & chocolate brown.

3. I get it, these aren't jeans, but what the heck do I wear with blue pants?
Okay, here's where the denim comparison actually helps–you can wear just about anything with these pants!

Overwhelmed? I did some of the heavy lifting for you–ALL of our 1003 Shirts and Cozy Merino Layering Tops go great with Night Sky Blue. My favorite pairing is either the Olive 1003 Shirt or the Red Merino Top. 

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Debbie Baer
Debbie Baer


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