Pack light, pack right.

by Debbie Baer March 01, 2018

Mobility! Freedom! Room for souvenirs! Traveling light is the best.
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After a one-carry-on, 3 week trip to Japan, Creative Director Debbie Baer has a few tips to help you take the load off.

• Start small: If you buy a large suitcase you will fill it. Sizing down forces you to be honest about what you need.

• Plan a Color Story: Every piece you bring needs to match every other piece–there's no room for solitary items.

For Japan my wardrobe was all black and dark blue. For a pop of color I included my Plum Core Pants, which match everything. 

• Versatility is key: Look for performance pieces that can be re-styled (or still look great) for adventuring and dining out. It'll save space and you'll avoid having to break up your day to go back to the hotel and change.

Happy, globe-trotting customer Amelia has a good take on this one: "My Willary Pants were fabulous on the long flight, through crowded public transit, hiking, dining out then hitting the pub. They kept me presentable and that is no easy task." 

• No "What if" pieces: What if I end up paragliding? What if I end up at a fancy invite only event? If you're clever and adventuresome enough to get yourself into these situations you're savvy enough to figure out how to work with what you've got!

Hedge your bets with our Core Wardrobe: rugged enough for adventures while the sleek silhouettes and deep, sophisticated colors get you in the door anywhere. 

• And no "Wear-once" pieces either: If it easily gets stinky, wrinkly or dirty after one wear leave it behind.

I'm a sweaty gal and have issues with this one but I swear by our Cozy Merino Layering Tops. Thin enough to layer and super light-weight, they're naturally odor-resistant and work for a range of temperatures. I wore mine skiing in the Japanese Alps, under a chic slim jacket for dinners and with my pj bottoms after long touristy days and never needed to wash it.

• Bonus! Toiletries!: I peeled, exfoliated, buffed, and plumped my way through Japan thanks to a year's worth of hoarded Sephora testers. 

• Super Bonus Travel Advice!: Drink lots of water ;)

Debbie Baer
Debbie Baer


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