Introducing: The Willary Workshop

by Debbie Baer August 13, 2018

On the best days, The Willary as a company runs on curiosity, creativity, community...and a healthy dose of nerve. These elements aren’t just our pride, they’re our fuel.

Sometimes it feels like the fuel line between initial idea and final product is clogged. Long lead times, large minimums and the exacting parameters of bulk manufacturing can pitch a compromising distance between the vibrancy of an original design and the practicalities of creating the end product.

And, sadly, I’m often left flying solo, since I don’t get to hear your course-shifting feedback until we’ve already produced a full run of any one style.

But that’s about to change! Enter The Willary Workshop.

The Willary Workshop is the lab where we’ll create super limited runs of new designs. It will be a place to experiment with new materials and varied fabrications. Sometimes we’ll push the design envelope a bit and sometimes we’ll just create some fun pieces to delight all of us.

Best of all the Workshop's small, quick production runs mean near real-time feedback from our community and a shorter distance between a blast of fuel and take off.

Our first Workshop launch will be this month–after that look for a new design every six weeks. [Update: we've launched! Meet The Midline Crop Top.]

Once we launch I invite you to join me in the pilot’s seat–let me know what you think when we post new designs. From color to cut your feedback informs the future direction of a piece. And if you really like something hop on it–most styles will only have one of each size available!

Email subscribers will always be the first to know when a new style drops, so if you're not signed up do that here.

Debbie Baer
Debbie Baer


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