Inspiration! Styling our Martini Olive Core Pants

by Debbie Baer April 04, 2018

Green: (adj) fresh or new. 
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Our Martini Olive Core Pants are deceptively versatile. Like our other limited edition colors it adds subtle sophistication to your look when worn with black or grey, and perfectly pairs with all 3 colors of our 1003 Shirt. [Update! All this applies to our Martini Olive 4-Pocket Un-Leggings too!]
The inspiration for this color came from nature: specifically the color of wet mossy bark, vivid on a drab rainy day. Stumped on what to pair it with? Look to nature!
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Juicy warm tones like blush pink, eggplant, brick red, salmon, and merlot play off the coolness of the olive and play up it's warm yellow undertones. 

Nature Color Inspiration
Fruity fun! Be bold and make a statement with true red or orange. Or ramp up the sophistication with a tonal look, playing with different shades of green. 
The options are limitless! Got a great combination? Share it with us! Tag us on instagram with #thewillary.
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Debbie Baer
Debbie Baer


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