Honest to Pockets

by Debbie Baer April 05, 2018

“Hey girl, I know you've got a lot to handle, let me help you lighten the load.”

It’s so hard to ignore that voice. The light is soft, you're a little buzzed from all the attention, and getting in those pants is oh so tempting–so you go for it.

Maybe you only make it to the zipper, or maybe you notice something’s up just before you go all the way. Your hands feel around, looking for a connection but you come up empty. Then it hits you–there’s no love here. No understanding of your needs. No recognition of your desires.

No where to put your phone.

If you’re lucky you didn’t fully commit–and hopefully you saved your receipts. Don’t be embarrassed, we’ve all been seduced by the false promises of fake pockets and we’ve all done that sobering walk of shame back to the returns counter.

For me designing isn’t about seduction, it’s about service. I created The Willary to outfit do-it-all women to tackle their day with style, comfort, and ease. Paramount to that goal is designing clothes that serve you while you boldly move forward, making your mark in this world. Providing that service comes from paying attention to you and your needs.

When it comes to pockets I think, How can you scale the challenges ahead if your hands are full? How can you shoulder your responsibilities on top of that huge bag you carry? How can you dance with abandon without a safe place for your ID? How can I lighten your load?

While super important, pockets are just one of the many elements that make The Willary Wardrobe one of service. Want to know more? Read about our Genesis here. If you like what you've read why not take a sec and sign up for our (infrequent) email list and/or follow us on instagram and facebook?

And since we all want to steer our friends away from that scammy bro who just wants another notch on his belt, go ahead and share this with a friend who could do way better!

Debbie Baer
Debbie Baer


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