Fall Style Sweepstakes!

by Debbie Baer September 19, 2018

Sometimes dressing for the changing seasons is tricky but we've partnered with three other awesome brands to outfit you in a stylish and functional head-to-toe fall look.
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The weather is getting crispy, the leaves are starting to change and pumpkin spice fans are having their season of glory. It's fall and we've got you covered!

Enter by September 25th to win up to $500 worth of product from PoCampo, The Willary, VIM & VIGR and Mia Melon! Details below.

Fall Style Giveaway

About the brands:

PoCampo: We've popped up with PoCampo a lot and every time I see their bags I'm wowed by their smart design and delightful prints. We love PoCampo.

VIM & VIGR: This great brand combines fashion forward styles with innovative design and functional fabrics to create high quality and durable compression socks.

Mia Melon: Stylish, windproof and waterproof–that's a Mia Melon jacket. A great top half to your water-resistant Core Wardrobe!


Debbie Baer
Debbie Baer


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