Dress Right and Stay Strong

by Debbie Baer January 11, 2017

Dress for the elements so you can stay strong during the Women’s March on Washington! This guide tells you how. (And stick around until the end for a discount on our Cozy Merino Layering Top.)

Layer up: Start with a wicking base layer so when you do work up a sweat it doesn’t stick to you and give you a chill later. Merino and silk are terrific natural fiber options that don’t get stinky. Polyester and poly-blends optimized for wicking also work, but retain the stink.

Suit up: Be prepared for wet and or windy conditions. Thick cotton layers (like jeans) will retain moisture. I’ll obviously be wearing my Core Pants (with wicking long underwear if it’s really cold) but if you have wind pants for working out or some ski pants those are a good option too. If your winter coat isn’t water proof consider bringing a rain poncho–or even a big garbage bag! A soggy, heavy winter coat will just make you cold and miserable!

Gear up: Wear shoes you can walk in all-day, and don’t forget cold seeps in through thin soles. I’m going to wear my hiking boots with an extra insole for added comfort and insulation. Again with the wicking–wool socks are a good idea, not just for warmth but excess moisture causes blisters. And don’t forget a hat, gloves and scarf.

What to carry and how to carry it: Keep your ID and some cash securely on your person. I’ve read mixed reports on bag size restrictions, I’ll be using all of my pockets and wearing a fanny pack so I’m not bogged down with a bag. Update: Scroll down to the "What to bring to the March" heading for bag restrictions. Other things to carry: 

    • Water. Think about one of those collapsible water bottles to reduce weight.
    • Energy bars or snacks.
    • An external phone battery. My battery life goes down when it’s cold, good to have a back up!
    • Kleenex/toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Just in case: Know your rights. Check out the ACLU’s list of rights for demonstrators. And keep an emergency phone number handy–go analog here, don’t rely on your phone.

Other tips:

    • If you’re marching in Washington get your metro card in advance.
    • Can't make it to DC? Want to know where else there’s a march? Look here.
    • Can’t march? There are lots of places to organize for action. Here are 3 resources I’ve found helpful: Action Trumps Hate, Indivisible, Flippable.

My goal here is to make sure you’re outfitted to safely and comfortably demonstrate, no matter whose clothes you end up wearing. I do think some of our clothes are especially well-suited for marching and if you do end up choosing The Willary, use the code MARCHWARM for 25% off our Cozy Merino Layering Tops and get an extra $15 off any other items if you tell us in the notes section where you’re marching. (Both offers valid until 1/18/17.)

If you’re unable to march but have been making your voice heard some other way tell us, you’ll still get the discounts! Please, consider the honor code when redeeming these discounts. If you want the discounts and haven't spoken up yet, check out one of the links above–there are MANY ways to get involved, consider this discount as my way of giving you a gentle push into action!

Debbie Baer
Debbie Baer


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