Brilliant Collaborators, Mad Skills

by Debbie Baer September 10, 2018

Up and down our supply chain, from fabric sourcing to end product, your Willary Wardrobe is handled by some of the most creative and skilled people I’ve ever met. Read on to learn about the team.
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Brilliant collaborators with mad skills–that’s the gold standard for anyone joining the Willary team. It’s what I came to expect from a design career that started in theatre, where the people who helped bring my designs to life were fearlessly creative problem solvers who always helped elevate the initial idea into something really spectacular.

When I started building The Willary production team I thought everyone would have that same magic “yes, and” spirit. But I started out hearing a lot of “no’s.” No, you can’t achieve this level of fit & function without compromising the design. No, we don’t want to brainstorm a better way constructing this pocket with you. No, you can’t use this kind of fabric for that design. It was rough.

But I worked really hard to find the right people and with every new project I get closer to that gold standard team. That’s why The Willary Workshop is so special–see, the talented hands and brilliant brains bringing this project to life belong to the very theatre folks who set my expectations so high to begin with.

It’s a stellar team helmed by my friend Beth, a woman with skills so excellent I entrusted her to pattern my wife’s and my wedding dresses! So as we release new Workshop pieces be on the look-out for behind the scenes from her shop. And, most importantly, know what when you support The Willary with a purchase you’re also supporting countless behind the scenes skilled artisans and technicians.

Debbie Baer
Debbie Baer


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