Avoid Stain Pains

by Debbie Baer March 06, 2018

Never be afraid of red wine and pasta sauce ever again!
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A common refrain in the sustainable fashion community is "Loved Clothes Last." With just a little love you can save that treasured garment and keep wearing it.
Here are some of our favorite tips:

Act fast: Timing is everything. For most stains you won't need to do anything fancy if you respond quickly. 

Blot, soak and repeat: For non-oil based stains. Wet a clean cloth with cold water. Put a dry cloth behind the stain (on the inside of the garment) and blot the stain with the wet cloth. The dry cloth will help the water soak through and remove the stain.

Cut the grease: For oil-based stains. Put a clean cloth (or a piece of white bread) on the stain. Blot stain from behind, letting the clean cloth or bread absorb the oil. If fabric is color fast, spot clean stain with diluted dish soap.

Testing, testing...: Before using any soaps or solvents to spot clean, test an inconspicuous spot for color fast-ness. If the fabric isn't colorfast your stain will be replaced with discolored blob.

Level up: For pesky stains like ink or wine dilute 2 parts white vinegar with 1 part cold water and use for tough stains like ink or wine. For a boost make a mini volcano by sprinkling baking soda on the vinegar-saturated stain.

Keep cool: Heat sets stains. Don't use hot water, clothes dryers or an iron until you've lifted the stain.

Get creative: Nothing worked? How about hiding the stain with a patch or a pin? Or give your garment a face lift by dying it!

Avoid the mess entirely: Our Core Dress, Pants and Easy Skirt are all stain and water resistant! Less worry & less time doing laundry is more time to tackle your day! Here's what our customers think about these pieces. 

Debbie Baer
Debbie Baer


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