Evaluating Value

by 97617205 February 13, 2015

Fine, I admit it. I got seduced. She was good-looking, seemed just right for me and, I’m embarrassed to admit, cheap. It happened on a cold, rainy day at H&M. My only defense for ending up in a place like that with a gal like her was the weather was crummy and I was killing time on my lunch break. As someone who respects the integrity of well and fairly made goods I’m shocked at my wanton behavior.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600.0"]We were doomed from the start. We were doomed from the start.[/caption]

I saw the purse just as I was leaving, the perfect size, the perfect shape, the perfect shades of blue. It was $15 and made out of plastic. I bought it. I wore it almost everyday for 4 months. The print started rubbing off within a few weeks and last week the strap tore off. Serves me right for getting involved with such trash. But it was a fantastic and honest reminder that value isn’t getting something cheap. Value is getting something that is worth what it costs and will serve you over time.

Our goal at The Willary is to offer you clothes that prove their value every time you wear them. One way we’ll do this is by using amazingly durable fabrics. (More on those in another post!) Another way is by smartly designing our clothes, not just by engineering them to fit you just right, but also styling them so they never look outdated. Trends will come and go but The Willary’s design philosophy is sleek, simple and durable enough to last. We see great value in that longevity and are betting you will too. 



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