How (and why) a survey is born.

by 97617205 October 27, 2014

With our samples were stuck in Fashion Week purgatory I was spinning my wheels, trying to make things happen for The Willary even though product development was at a standstill. I thought to myself, what, other than sample development, would I like some help with?

To answer this question I thought about where we are as a company and where I am personally in this whole process. As The Willary we're close on our designs but not so close that we couldn't change gears if we needed to; gals who are excited about our clothes totally get what we're going for, but we could expand our audience if we had better ways to communicate what we're up to and talk about the problems our clothes will solve. As for me, while it's frustrating to get a sample back that isn't quite right yet, I at least have something to act on. Without product to look at and respond to I was all in my head. I wanted some new insights and I didn't want them to come from a conversation with myself.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600.0"]It's very satisfying seeing a choice come out so clearly ahead! It's very satisfying seeing a choice come out so clearly ahead![/caption]

Then I realized something awesome. We have an audience. We have a core audience of Makers who believe in and are excited about what we're doing. Why not determine if we should make some early-in-the-game tweaks to our designs based on their feedback? Why not find out what problems they have with their clothes and talk about how we can solve them? Why not learn from their insights? With those questions (and the consultation of one of our fantastic advisors who crafts surveys as part of his actual job!) a survey was born.

I'm inspired and motivated by the responses we've gotten so far and thrilled some of you are even sharing our survey with your network. If you haven't taken our survey yet there's still time–click here by October 31 to share your insights with us! 




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