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by 97617205 August 04, 2014

Naming our brand was a struggle. We had what we thought was a great name about a year before we started development, but found out it was trademarked just before we filed our LLC paperwork. Devastated was an understatement. In what was to become a hallmark of our development process, we turned to our core of friends and colleagues for help and inspiration, hoping one of their ideas sparked a new train of thought. One friend sent a list including the names of woman explorers. We never thought of using someone's name as our brand name, and this list introduced us to this possibility.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="900.0"]The Willary namesakes doting on Debbie. The Willary namesakes doting on Debbie.[/caption]

We started searching for the stories of famous, infamous, gutsy, and inspiring women through the ages and found that although there are tons of inspiring women we could've named the brand for, picking one based on some wikipedia searching felt inauthentic. So I decided to make it personal and wrote down the names of my grandmothers–Wilhelmina and Mary–and after a little cutting and pasting combined them to create "Willary." 

We added the "The" because we believe The Willary is bigger than just some pants and shirts, to us it's an ideal, an actual thing. Our goal is to create a uniform that liberates and empowers women to do the work they do everyday without the restrictions of average clothing. One day we envision The Willary becoming network of women who share their craft and expertise with one another and ultimately, The Willary will become a place where we share and support the work of women Makers. 



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