The Best Idea So Far...

by 97617205 July 26, 2014

Has been to create a Board of Advisors. I decided to create a goal-specific board, meaning the board dissolves after the goal I've tasked us with is reached. This method lets me pick the best, most qualified people for the job and doesn't pressure any of the members into a long-term commitment. 

I formed the board simply because I realized I need help–I can't become expert at everything I need to know to get The Willary up and running. Luckily I have some people to turn to who are experts. Admittedly these people are some of my dearest friends as well, which was important this round since I'm finding it humbling and a little revealing to show them the improvised foundation I've pieced together so far. 

Besides offering their expert insights, the board also gives me an added level of accountability–if I tell them I'm going to tackle a task I really feel like I have to, no matter how daunting it is. Also, communicating with the board forces me to articulate the conversations I have with myself in a meaningful and cohesive way. Often I find clearer insights on the matter or, even better, pointed questions I can ask the Board to get to the heart of the matter. 



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